Police Department

Mission, Values and Vision

Mission Statement

In cooperation with the people of Charlestown and in partnership with other public and private agencies, to assume a leadership role through a problem-solving approach to preventing crime and disorder, reducing citizen fear of crime, providing for the safe and efficient flow of traffic, providing various support activities, and improving the quality of life as we work together to make Charlestown the preferred community to live.

Value Statement

The Charlestown Police Department is committed to fulfilling its mission by upholding the following values:

We will adhere to the highest ethical standards and accept responsibility for our decisions and actions.

We will treat all employees, offenders and the public with fairness, honesty, consideration, and respect while recognizing individual diversity.

We will be firm, fair and consistent in the performance of our duties and responsibilities. As positive role models, we will take pride in maintaining the quality of our services through our performance, appearance, and continued education and training.  We will instill trust and teamwork by providing support to fellow employees and promoting cooperation and effective communication.


It is our vision that the Charlestown Police Department will continue to strive for community service delivered at the highest standards possible.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Patrick Connors Chief
Michelle Duffett Officer
Dennis O'Sullivan Officer
Joshua Wade Officer
Jeremiah Haynes Officer
Andrew Hart Officer
James Edson Officer
Michael Laska Officer
Jonathon Graham Officer
David C. Hewes Officer
Matthew Lockhart Officer
Adam Howard Officer
Jennifer Meade Dispatcher
Elaine Tobias Dispatcher
Lisa Perry Dispacther
Sirena Relihan Dispatcher
Michelle Desilets Dispatcher
Meaghan Esdon Dispatcher
Teri Palmer Dispatcher
Jessica Marro Dispatcher
Abigail Ventura Dispatcher
Megan Brown Dispatcher