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About the Ambulance Service:

The Charlestown Ambulance Service provides Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support emergency ambulance service primarily to the town of Charlestown, but also to neighboring communities as requested for mutual aid. Community members that have volunteered their time to attend EMT training staff the ambulance service. After completing their training and passing National Certification exams and state practical exams members are paid for responding to ambulance calls. The ambulance service handles about 600 calls for service a year.


The Charlestown Ambulance Service has two fully equipped Advanced Life Support Ambulances. Some of the equipment we carry includes:

State Protocols:

The Charlestown Ambulance Service operates under a license provided by the Department of Safety Bureau of EMS. Each member of there service maintains an EMS providers license and operates under a set of statewide patient care protocols. These protocols can be found here.


If you have questions about billing please contact Carol at EMS Billing Solutions (800) 439-0466 or Patty at the Selectman's Office (603) 826-4400.


If you are interested in working with the Charlestown Ambulance Service please contact the ambulance station by phone or email and speak to a member.

Charlestown Ambulance Service

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