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About the Ambulance Service:

The Charlestown Ambulance Service provides Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support emergency ambulance service primarily to the town of Charlestown, but also to neighboring communities as requested for mutual aid. Members are Licensed at the EMT - Basic, Advanced and Paramedics levels.  It is a Volunteer / Paid for Call Service.  We offer educational opportunities for licensed staff to maintain required certifications.


The Charlestown Ambulance Service has two ambulances licensed up to the Paramedic level. The staff utilize the Zoll X Series Cardiac Monitors capable of diagnostic 12 lead EKG, defibrillation, cardiversion, cardiac pacing, non invasive blood pressure monitoring, pulse oximetry, and transmission capabilities.  Stryker stretchers and stair chairs are utilized.  EZ flow CPAP with nebulizer capabilities and intraosseous vascular access devices available if needed.   

The staff carry a full formulary of life saving medications for use by our Licensed Providers at their individual level of skill and licensure.  Along with a full line of various other life and limb saving equipment as dictated by the New Hampshire Bureau of EMS. 


If you have questions about billing please contact Carol at EMS Billing Solutions (800) 439-0466 or the Selectman's Office (603) 826-4400.


If you are interested in working with the Charlestown Ambulance Service please contact the ambulance station by phone or email and speak to a member.

Charlestown Ambulance Service

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Nichoasl CushmanTrish Laplante - Lt
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Patrick Connors Director of Operations