Rules on Sale of Burial Lots

Rules on Sale of Burial Lots (size of lot 3 ½' x 11')

Effective: January 1, 2009



$300.00 per grave lot 

($50.00 Lot, $250.00 General Maintenance


$2.50 filing 

The maximum number of grave lots that can be purchased by one family is four. No person or family may reserve more grave lots than there are members of the family, at the time the purchase is made. (For the basis of selling lots, family means husband, wife and children.)



$600.00 per grave lot

($100.00 Lot $500.00 General Maintenance)

 $2.50 filing fee

The general practice will be not to sell grave lots to non-residents. However, all requests for the purchase of grave lots by non- residents, will be subject to the decision of the Cemetery Trustees and the Sexton.

If such sales are made, they will be limited only to those people who were born in Charlestown, showing proof i.e. Birth Certificate, School Diploma, or at one time were residents of Charlestown, for at least ten years. Sales will be limited to not more than two lots per family.

No reservations for lots will be made until payment is received in full.