Cemetery Rules & Regulations

1.  All lots sold subject to the rules and regulations now in force or which the Cemetery Trustees may hereafter adopt. They shall be used for no other purpose than the burial of the human dead. All lots must be paid for in full before a deed is issued.

2. No transfer of ownership or interest in any lot shall become valid until recorded with the Select Board's Office and such transfer or assignment is endorsed by the Cemetery Trustees. All lots must be sold back to the Town and the Town will sell to the new owner.

3. All lots are sold subject to General Maintenance and Cemetery employees thereon will do all work. General Maintenance shall include the cutting of the grass upon the lot at reasonable intervals, the raking and cleaning of the lot and filling of depressions. It shall not include maintenance or repair of any monument or wall or reseeding of the lawn.

4. The General Maintenance fee will be turned over to the Trustees of Trust Funds and any interest earned thereon will be used for general cemetery maintenance. Any excess will accumulate for such time, as the said Cemetery Trustees may deem expedient, or in their discretion to apply the same surplus, or any part thereof, from time to time, to ornamenting and preserving the grounds of the said cemetery.

5. No enclosure of any nature, such as fences, copings, hedges or ditches, shall be allowed around any lots. Planting of trees and shrubs shall be prohibited. All plants will be in pots. All artificial flowers must be in containers.

6. No other decorations, except American Flags or flags of Fraternal Organizations, are allowed on a cemetery lot.

7. All potted plants, artificial flowers, and containers not removed by their owners on or before October 15th will be removed by the Sexton of the Cemetery.

8. Monuments and markers shall be permitted and must be placed according to the regulations and with the approval, of the Cemetery Sexton. No monument, marker, cornerstone, or any other obstruction shall be placed on any lot until said lot is paid for in full. Marker of some type must be placed within one year of interment.

9. All interments, including cremations, shall be made in vaults of concrete or material of equal permanence.